Zaccaria number 3

I was weak last week…

While looking through the wanted adds on I saw a Time Machine for sale. When I looked up the sellers contacts, I noticed he lived about 3 km away. So I called him, just to go have a look and meet another enthusiast.

The Time Machine was set up and working. It needed a bit of cleaning, fixing the woodwork and replacing of a few lamps, but everything was working, playfield was ok, ramps and plastics were in order.

So we talked a bit and he mentioned that he had five Zaccaria’s in total. A Clown, which was set up next to the Time Machine, already sold and waiting for pickup; A Soccer Kings of which I could see the backbox, but the body was hidden behind other pinball machines and other stuff; An Earth Wind Fire, which he was going to get ready for sale next; And a Robot, which I wanted to see. I’ve only seen this machine once before and I would like to have one. After some digging and moving stuff around, the Robot was uncovered, set up and everything. He switched it on and it played, but without sound. Could be a minor issue, could be something bigger (see this post).


By seeing both the Time Machine and the Robot, I was already thinking where I could put them in my apartment, so I offered a price for both. Unfortunately he wasn’t sure about letting go of the Robot. You don’t see it very often and he likes the theme, just like I do. Too bad.

So I went home…


… with the Time Machine!

I can tell you it’s a very heavy machine if you have to carry it inside on your own (that’s why I took the backbox off before putting it in the car).

It’s a very nice machine with interesting game mechanics and it now has a proud place in my living room.



Now if I could only finish the work on the Pinball Champ displays and CPU board so I can start inviting friends for Zaccaria pinball parties.