The door to happiness

No, I’m not trying to sell you some guru meditation stuff. I just got my hands on a second hand coindoor for one of the machines and I’m happy with what I got at the price I got it!

The door was complete and in ok condition. Rather dirty, but then agian, why would that door be any different from the others.

A new door!

As you can see, someone had used paper stickers and electricians tape to cover the original plastic coin fronts. But otherwise, in very good shape.

Fully stocked

Except for the middle coin selector, everything is there. Dirty, but there.

First thing I did was take apart the front bezel and cleared away the paper stickers and electricians tape. Since there were three, I suspected they were the Deutsch Mark ones, like in the Pinball Champ. The Devil Riders has Belgian Frank ones and there are only two.

Uncovered and cleaned

To my surprise, these are Belgian Frank ones. With hindsight I should have known. The door is from a Time Machine and they came out when the 10 Fr piece was still in circulation. When Devil Riders came out, it wasn’t.

Cleaned and reassembled

The picture doesn’t do it justice. The chrome is damaged in two or three places, but it shines a lot. You can actually see my reflection in it.

At first my idea was to put this door in the Devil Riders, since some nitwit drilled a hole in the door to put a switch in to replace the outhole switch (I still get sick thinking of it). But then I decided to put it in the Pinball Champ. The frame looks a lot better and the door isn’t deformed, so it closes perfectly.

So after the usual dismantling, cleaning and reassembling, I installed it in the Pinball Champ and it looks great!

Installed and reproduction sticker attached

I added the reproduction sticker I got from David Gersic and now the Pinball Champ looks much better!

When the Devil Riders is finished, I’m going to set the coin selectors to 0.50 €, so if people really want to donate, they can.

In the mean time I also got that replacement coil for the popbumper in the Devil Riders and the part is back from the blacksmith waiting for reinstallation. That will be my next post.

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