So now that I moved to my new place and I invited a bunch of friends over for a little house-warming, I found the need to get my pinball machines in my little game-room. The installation of the Pinball Champ was easy enough, but when I wanted to set up the Devil Riders I noticed that I hadn’t started on the legs yet.

Legs before cleaning

So I quickly got out my metal sponge (the one you use after failed cooking experiments 😉 ) and got to work.

The rust came off very easily and in a matter of a few hours this was the result:
Legs after cleaning

I got some new levelers and chrome leg bolts and now the Devil Riders is back on it’s feet again.

Now if only I could get that bloody CPU board to work again…

2 Comments on “Legs”

  1. Pool Room says:

    Great post on repaires for Zaccaria pinballs.

    Im interested if any one makes and sells Leons test kit. If so please let me know as i would like to purchase a complete kit.

    Also if the information on Zaccaria repaires could be posted on You Tube would be a help to all.

    Thanks again, for your post on Zaccaria

    • Teta says:

      I don’t know if anyone makes Leon’s test kits, but they aren’t that hard to make with some basic soldering skills.
      If you search on youtube for Zaccaria, you might stumble upon David’s channel (from http://www.zaccaria-pinball.com). There’s some material there. There’s also some posts from Leon on flipperforum.be (in dutch) that link to movies on his site that aren’t available if you don’t have the direct URL.
      Good luck.

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